ML Foundations: Vision, NLP and more
2 hours
14 weeks
Course Description
This series of talks and workshops is an ongoing companion and extension for Deep Learning course, and is a continuation of the same whole. While the core DL course provides fundamental understanding of neural networks, their theoretical foundations, capabilities and architectures, this course offers an in-depth look at the practical aspects of NNs and their uses. Over the course of the semester, we’ll explore the basic concepts behind computer vision and NLP tasks, understand their inner workings and take in-depth look at specific use-cases and major DL-based tasks.
We will also take a practical look at using DL tools to solve a variety of problems and have sessions dedicated to best practices in CV and NLP. Over the course of the semester we will have several guest lectures by topic-specific experts who will present their know-how on the practicalities of specific use-cases and applications.
Note: due to the inter-connected nature of DL and Foundation courses, on some weeks there are switches between the times of the two tracks to accommodate specific time constraints.