Applications to Y-DATA Program 2024-25 are open

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Our 250‑hour curriculum was designed based on the analysis of the current state of data science education in Israel. Y‑DATA aims to provide the skills required for entry and mid‑level data science jobs in the local ecosystem.
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Y-DATA structure

Study specific topics in data analysis and machine learning in short, dedicated courses (4‑12 weeks each), covering topics across all the range from ML foundations to advanced, state‑of‑the-art applications. All the courses are taught in an applicative and hands-on manner and include extensive practice.
Choose one of the real‑life data projects offered by our industry partners, and work on it throughout the year. You will receive guidance through weekly meetings with experienced industry mentors provided by us, as well as periodic meetings with the project’s data owner.
Become familiar with the current scientific research and advancements through research seminars, where you will also engage in in‑depth discussions and exploration of the most recent advancements in the field.
Research seminars
  • Understanding from the ground up of core ML principles.
  • 8 specialized courses (6-14 weeks), covering topics across all the ranges from ML foundations to advanced, state‑of‑the-art applications.

What do we offer?

  • Full cycle data science project in the industry.
  • Experience working with real data in real industry environments.
  • Proven industry experience.

Practical experience through real-world projects

  • Learning through hands-on application of common tools and concepts.
  • Weekly coding assignments for in-depth understanding.

Extensive hands-on practice

  • Access to an active community of Y-DATA graduates and mentors in the industry.
  • Career and innovation opportunities - meeting industry insiders.

Community and networking

  • Python basics: Scikit-learn, pandas, matplotlib, numpy and more.
  • Extensive experience in neural networks and their applications in NLP and computer vision, up to and including generative models.

Fluency in Python and all common DS tools and methods

  • Heterogenous student community leading to mutual enrichment and opportunities.
  • Strict entry pre-requisites for a solid starting position and quick progress.

Selective admission process to create a winning team

  • Tailored career workshops to improve graduates’ ability to reach their full potential.
  • CV & Linkedin workshops; Interview simulations.

Dedicated career center


Strong theoretical foundations


Y-DATA Advantages

Y-DATA offers a unique combination of advantages not found in other programs.
In-Depth understanding of theoretical foundations
Experience working on practical real-world problems
Introduction to state-of-the-art research and advances
Thorough candidate screening process
Allows working during studies
Experienced industry mentors
Access to computational resources
Adaptive study program incorporating recent advances
Online courses
Advanced degrees
This comparison is generalized by nature and some private offline programs or advanced degrees in academy provide more than mentioned here. However, this table provides a fair look into the different paths available towards a data science career.
Applications to Y-DATA Program 2024-25 are open
Start your professional journey
in Applied Data Science with Y-DATA